Life and Death on the South Side of Chicago

Fabian Borjon & Rene Hernandez


Eng 2 Puente per 4


       This image is a picture of LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman standing in front of a American flag in the ghetto parts of America. People may think of America as a land of opportunity  but for most people are born and raised in the ghetto not so much. So this image shows the environment someone with less opportunity would look like. The American flag symbolizes the “Our America” from the title.

     The “Our America” part of the title represents the America Lloyd and LeAlan lived in. The book was them (Lloyd and LeAlan) mostly talking through a recording device and talking to their parents about their lives and what goes on in the ghetto. During their story they would run into interesting characters, for an example they ran into a Shorty someone in the story who is young runs around and sells drugs. Their parents were interesting characters they were both mostly raised by a sibling or grandparent.The boys had a natural best friend relationship, basically talking about whatever came into mind and both understanding what each was going trough.

 Ideas: Ghetto; different and treacherous, Influences peoples lives.

 If Caucasians were to live in the ghetto they would act how African Americans act at that current time period. Your roots will affect your growth

Natural growth: More food, money, clothing, nice houses, possible pets, leisure, school.

Ghetto growth: Minimal food minimal wage, bad clothing(old and ripped), poor housing, little or no education, leisure, family problems due to money.

  People in the normal growth like whites will most of the time have an easier life and or more success while in the ghetto like the African Americans suffer more less success; more racism.

   Review: Overall the book was entertaining keeping you hooked on with interesting details, Lloyd and LeAlans life experiences. The book was moving at moments making you feel like you were part of the story and making you feel like you wanted to do something about their lives. The book had always something new to bring up like, first their talking about their family and next thing you know they bump into somebody interesting or they would start funny conversations. 3 and a half out of 5 stars.

Vocab: Orientalof, from, or characteristic of East Asia “Oriental noodles are delicious

            Incarcerate- Imprison or confine “many are incarcerated for property offenses”

           Premeditate- think out or plan beforehand “premeditated murder”

           Defendant- an individual, company, or institution sued or accused in a court of law ” the defendants were always by the side of the victim”

           Cynical- believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity. “her cynical attitude”

          Impulsive- acting or done without forethought “they had married as young impulsive teenagers”

          Facade- a front ” The man put on his facade and moved on”

        Penitentiary- a prison for people convicted of serious crimes ” The father has been in penitentiary for five years”

        Vigil- a period of keeping awake during the time usually spent asleep, esp. to keep watch or pray.”my birdwatching vigils lasted for hours”

       Animosity- strong hostility “he no longer felt any animosity toward her”


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