Dogs VS Cancer?

        As humans we have about five million senses in our nose but dogs on the other hand have about 200,000,000 senses in their nose. From this video I watched I begin to think can dogs really smell out ovarian cancer a silent killer form of cancer which is the eighth most common cancer among women in the U.S.. 

            In this video I watched scientist are having dogs sniff out ovarian cancer from little pipes and if the dogs are passing these tests the scientists are going to use this to construct a artificial nose that is mechanical for doctors to use in office. This is a really shocking story that I personally think is going to work. 

        Also if all the scientist predictions are right they are going to train dogs to sniff out different forms of cancer which some scientist are already doing. I think dogs should be recognized in the battle against cancer. Dogs are some of the best animals alive from helping blind people , protection, military, police, and giving love, all the way to being able to helping scientist and doctors, It gets me wondering what miracles can dogs accomplish? And what is truly a dogs limit? Dogs are put on this earth for a reason to help humans live better lives and to get love and affection back. “The reason dogs are so much better than humans is because dogs have an ability to what I describe as smell in color, they look around the room with their nose the same way we look around the room with our eyes and they can smell each individual component” this was said by a employee  at Upenn Working Dog Center who’s name is Cindy Otto or Dr.Cindy Otto. I agree with part of this because dogs see in black and white through their eyes but through their nose its like seeing in color for them because they can smell almost anything. They can smell furniture, plants, food, bugs, ovarian cancer, ect. .

            This is what amazes me in how dogs are so intelligent and how amazing their senses are and they really need to be recognized more around the internet and on t.v more ect. This blog is to show you that I am recognizing dogs to show people that dogs aren’t just animals but part of our lives.


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