Home does not have to be a physical house or place. Home could be where you go, it can be you, a place to relax, a place that you feel safe, or it can be that home is with your family. To me home is a place with family that I fell comfortable. When I go out of town or a trip someplace with my family and I feel comfortable then it would still feel like to me my physical home.           Its kind of like someone saying the Mexican saying “Mi casa es tu casa” towards me, it means my home is your home. Usually at partys at lets say my cousins house or im out eating with my family I could say its home. If I feel welcomed to a place I feel as it were home, but im not saying everywhere that I feel like home I also have to be comfortable there and it depends if I am with my family or not. Home to me is the place that feels most close to me.


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